Cue the new workflow

Join the creatives using CuePoints to plan, timecode and program your next big productions.

Create cuelists

Whether working solo or as a team, plan and communicate your creative ideas.

Import audio & video

View timings all in once place – your notes and ideas alongside imported videos and audio tracks. Share precise timings with other creatives.




Simply generate or playback LTC timecode. Route timecode to work without hardware.



Start new projects with custom templates loaded with your preferred cue points.


Keyboard shortcuts

Optimise your workflow with custom shortcuts tailored to your requirements.



This is just the beginning, we have exciting updates and new features on the horizon.

Customise your cues

Plan projects by colour coding and naming cue points to match your needs. The possibilities are endless.

Seamless import & export

Transfer the powerful timing data to continue working in other programs.

The word from creatives

CuePoints has been built and perfected with the feedback of industry professionals working on a variety of projects from television to live events.

Tom Young
Tom YoungLighting Programmer
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“CuePoints is a vital part of my workflow – breaking down tracks and importing into the console is now a seamless process.“
Tim Routledge
Tim RoutledgeLighting Designer
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“Organising cuelists shouldn’t reduce your time to be creative. CuePoints takes out the hassle in one easy-to-use package.“
James Scott
James ScottLighting Programmer / Designer
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“CuePoints is the software that I always knew I wanted but didn’t know I couldn’t live without!“
Kris Goodman
Kris GoodmanLighting Programmer
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“It's the tool I never knew I needed, allowing me to plan timecoded shows from my laptop anywhere with ease.“
Ed Warren
Ed WarrenLighting Designer
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“I need CuePoints in my life! It’s saved me so many boring hours of programming...“

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Minimum OS version 11.6, Apple Silicone and Intel