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v1.3.0 Release Notes – 22/06/2023

New/Enhanced Features

  • MA3/2 export: New executor export option ‘Top’ will create a two-cue, self-releasing sequence that will trigger the Top at every CuePoint. 
  • MA3/2 export: The executor export option ‘Temp’ will now create a Temp ‘Unpress’ that obeys the CuePoint’s fade time. If the fade time is 0s, the default will be 0.5s.
  • MA3/2 export: When exporting multiple tracks, an offset is available so that the imported sequences can be organised in the pool.
  • Eos export: Labels are now correctly displayed in the Eos Show Control tab.
  • Pixera export: The overall workflow of the Pixera export has improved.
  • Chamsys export: Compatibility issues resolved.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts window now has shortcuts for labelling the current CuePoint and setting the fade time.
  • Alt-Drag now duplicates selected CuePoints
  • Control-Drag now controls playhead follow dependent on the Preference setting.
  • Entering a + sign as the CuePoint fade time will enter the time interval until the next CuePoint.
  • CueID incremental offset. For example, entering “201+10” will increment the following cues as 201, 211, 221 etc.
  • Show Current Project in Finder functionality added in the File menu.
  • Right-click option added in Recent Files list to Show in Finder.

Bug fixes:

  • MA3 Timecode Import: Optimising importing of MA3 timecode objects.
  • Importing media with more than 2 audio channels was not possible in the previous version.
  • The Pre-Roll setting was not being correctly recalled into the track edit menu.
  • Dual Waveform functionality is now working correctly.
  • Trying to export files before the project had been saved was crashing the application.
  • Numerous bug fixes to improve overall stability.

Please note that project files saved in v1.2+ are not backwards compatible with v1.1

v1.2.2 New/Enhanced Features

  • Audio interfaces
  • Multi-track audio
  • Media Line-up Mode
  • Waveform zooming
  • Text overlay
  • Import from CSV / Reaper / MA2 & MA3 Timecode
  • LTC Preroll
  • Improved LTC output routing and generator
  • OSC input
  • Streamdeck template
  • MA3 OSC Macros
  • Manual Cue ID Improvements
  • Split Fade times
  • Disguise export
  • Pixera export
  • CuePilot export
  • QLab 4&5 export
  • Unreal export – Marked frames to level sequence
  • Scrubbing Audio Options
  • Direct entry and arrow/tab-key navigation in Cue/Label/Fade columns
  • Right-Click menu for media visibility toggle
  • Save As bundle project
  • New track edit window
  • Improved handling of missing media and offline files.
  • Licence activation improvements
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

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