A new tool for time based events.

A tool to save you time, refine your production workflow, all work creatively on the same page.

Quickly Annotate

Get your ideas down and easily communicated, if working as a single user or team.

Add audio & video refrances

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Seamlessly generate or playout LTC Timecode. CuePoints automatically pans timecode so you don't hear it.


Quick Setup

Drop your tracks in in seconds and get to work. Slimline your workflow.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Optimise your workflow with default & custom shortcuts tailored to your production / requirements.


The Roadmap

This is just the beginning, we have exciting updates and features on the horizon.

Made by industry professionals.

Produced in collaboration with industry leaders working on a variety of productions.

Available for Mac. Try it for free.

Download CuePoints now and purchase a licence to unlock all features.

Requires Mac OS 10.4+